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Farice opens a new POP in UK

In order to increase security and diversity in delivery of services in UK Farice is opening a new service POP in Equinix LD 6 Slough west of London.

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Farice supplies 10Gbps Link to BT to Boost Broadband Capacity to the Shetland Islands

Telecoms operator BT has recently switched-on a new 10Gbps link to the remote Scottish island of Shetland in the North Sea, which will serve to both improve local network resilience and boost capacity for Openreach 's on-going roll-out of  FTTC/P based superfast broadband connectivity. Read more

Iceland rated as the world's safest location for a data center

Iceland has been identified as the safest place in the world to host a data center, followed by Norway and Switzerland.

These are the findings of the Data Center Risk Index published by the American property management company Cushman & Wakefield.

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Farice opens a new  POP in Iceland

Farice has now increased the footprint of the DWDM network to the ADVANIA (THOR) DC

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