Farice and Verne Datacenter on Danish TV

8 minutes coverage on Farice  and the data center industry on the prime time on May 5th

The program was aired on  Channel 1 (DR 1) in Denmark on Sunday May the 5th. 

The interviews in Iceland are in english language but some portion of the program is only the  in danish language. 

A shorter version with only english speaking part is here (4:18 minutes). Please not that the translation to 50 mscec latency to Copenhagen is wrong, it should be 15 msec.

DR1-21 Söndag - English speaking part


The full version is here ... (8:19 minutes)

DR-1, 21-Sondag program---whole-Iceland-Data-center-report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVwAl9CmeA8