New agreement with Síminn of Iceland

Síminn secures bandwidth for growth until 2020

The challenges that telecom operators are faced with is to predict the future and therefore secure the right amount of international bandwidth for any given time.  What will be the mainstream use of the Internet in 5 years time and how much and what kind  of bandwidth will the average user consume is the key question.  Will TV be mostly streamed over the internet from services such as Netflix ?   Will HD be the norm in the future and even Ultra HD  for larger screens.   The Internet is and will become the platform for the exchange of video, high bandwidth demands are certain in the future.

In the last decade the average annual growth of the international capacity has varied between 30% to 80%, hence predictions are not easy.  With these challenges ahead Síminn asked for a long therm solution that would address the needs at any given time with a certain flexibility.  

The service provided by Farice to Síminn is on 3 different submarine cables, FARICE-1, DANICE to Europe and GREENLAND CONNECT to Canada.  The security level offered by this 3 submarine cable solution is extremely high with a  minimum theoretical 99,999% availability.   

A link to the press release (in Icelandic)  can be found here and in English language


Ómar Benediktsson CEO of Farice and Sævar Freyr Þráinsson CEO of Síminn sign the new contract