Island als der ideale Standort fuer Datenzentren

Iceland as the ideal Data Center location is the message in two main german newspapers

Germany is facing rising costs of energy already and the expectations is that energy prices will rise in the coming  years. Germany is transforming the  sources of energy and the related infrastructure by being more independent from fossil fuels and relying on own renewable energy when at the same time being more energy efficient.  The "Energiewende" is a long term project that not only involves closing down nuclear power plants but also a  build up of a new industry around renewable and sustainable energy as well as solutions that increase efficiency.   Computer data centers need a lot of power and are costly to run.  Considerable power is just used for cooling the servers especially during warm summer days.    Iceland has a competitive  advantage when it comes to green sustainable  energy production at low  price.  Iceland has summers that are very mild compared to Germany (some would say cold).  The cost of operating a data center in Iceland can be almost half of what it costs in Germany.   A recent report by the independent UK based consultancy firm Broadgroup  confirms this (an extract in the german language can be read here) .   German data center operators can save costs, decrease CO2 emissions and help Germany in the "Energiewende" by locating their servers in Iceland.  BMW the famous car maker is one of the first to realise this and started build up their high performance computing (HPC) center in Iceland in the year 2012. Today german engineers residing in Muenchen design cars and do crash test in a data center close to the international Airport in Keflavik Iceland.    The magazine Focus has already covered Iceland as a datacenter location