The network for future needs

  • UK-backhaul

Network Security

Designed for reliability

The Farice network is designed with security in mind. Terrestrial routes in Iceland, UK and mainland Europe do have diverse paths for those customers seeking the highest uptime.  Protection on the terrestrial part is an optional service for our customers.

Reliable submarine part

During the operation (2004-2014) of the Farice Network there has never been a submarine cable fault.  By this we mean that there has never been a fault in the system under sea level.   This is an accumulated experience of 10 years for the FARICE-1 cable and 5 years for the DANICE or a total of 15 years which is quite impressive.  We believe this is not a coincidence since we work closely with the main cable threat factors which are the fisheries, for the cable route selection  and the operation as well.   The cables have a protection zone of 1 km and are monitored close to land. We cannot promise a trouble free submarine cable part forever but let the historical facts speak for themselves.