Your default partner in connectivity to Iceland

Data transmission and bandwidth services

Farice offers data services between Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, UK and mainland Europe via the high capacity and  modern DANICE and FARICE-1 submarine cable systems. More information about Farice and the services can be found  here or in the following subsections.

IP/MPLS solutions

Farice does offer IP/MPLS services based on the powerful CIsco ASR9000 platform.  The Ethernet Wire Service (EWS) is an alternative service to a point to point circuit  with more bandwidth flexiblity.  IP Transit is a service for those seeking wholesale  Internet Access.

Service Access Points

Farice offers services between  POP locations in five different countries.  Farice does also extend the services into the customer locations by bundling access lines into the service.

Bandwith Capacity

Farice offers bandwidth capacity levels starting from 100 Mb/s.  The maximum capacity offered is 10Gb/s (STM-64).   In addition to circuit type services a layer 2 IP/MPLS type of services are available.