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Bandwidth Capacity - Iceland to Europe

DWDM and SDH based services

Bandwidth is provided within either the  SDH technical framework with a minimum bit-rate of 50 Mb/s / STM-1 or Ethernet over MPLS from 50 Mb/s.

Services are offered on a lease basis with a one-year minimum contract period.

Bandwidth between Iceland and Europe

  • SDH: STM-1(155Mb/s)  to STM-64  with terrestrial protection (SDH MTU is 5000 bytes).
  • 10G  DWDM point to point services  STM-64/WAN_PHY or LAN_PHY.
  • 100G Wavelenghts possible.
  • 100 Mb to 1Gb Layer 1 ETHoSDH circuits  on 1GbE optical interface.
  • 1Gb to 10Gb Layer 1 E-LINE (EWS) circuits on 10 GbE Ethernet optical interface.
  • Different levels of protections are offered from terrestrial protection only to end-to-end protection.
  • Selection of two submarine routes, FARICE-1 or DANICE route.

Bandwidth between Iceland and North America

Farice offers capacity between Iceland and North-America on the Greenland Connect route.  The service delivery POP is normally Halifax in North-America but other locations such as Boston, New York and Montreal are optional.  The bandwidth can be anywhere from STM-1/100 Mb/s to STM-64/10 GbE.  .

Transatlantic Capacity between Europe and North-America

Farice in cooperation with Tele Greenland  can offer transatlantic circuits from Europe to North America in one attractive bundle.   This route could well be the shortest route from Scandinavia (Copenhagen) to Canada offered on the market. High capacity services (nx100Gb/s) are possible.  

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