Your default partner in connectivity to Iceland

Service Access Points

Farice offers services between Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, UK and mainland Europe via the new DANICE and FARICE-1 submarine cable systems.

Points of Presence (POPs) are in the following cities:

  • Iceland POP 1:  Suðurlandsbraut 28 (MULI)  Reykjavik
  • Iceland POP 2 : Iceland . Norðurfell 15 , Reykjavik
  • Iceland POP 3 : Verne Data Center,KEF Airport (Valhallarbraut, Ásbrú, Reykjanesbær)
  • Iceland POP 4 : Advania Data Center (THOR DC), Steinhella Hafnarfjörður
  • Faroe Islands POP : Faroese Telecom, Klingran, Torshavn
  • United Kingdom POP 1: London Telehouse East, London 
  • United Kingdom POP 2: London Telehouse West,  London
  • Denmark POP : Interxion, Ballerup (Copenhagen),
  • Netherlands POP : (formerly Telecity 2) Equinix AMS7, Kuiperbergweg 13. Amsterdam
  • German POP 1 :  Interxion FRA3, Weissmueller Strasse, Frankfurt
  • German POP 2 : Wendenstrasse 408, Hamburg

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Note: Farice is not a consumer-level service provider. Connection questions for consumers should be directed to your local telecommunications or internet service provider (ISP).

Service and POP location matrix

Date:   March 1st  2016 TRANSMISSION SERVICES (Layer 1)   ETHERNET EWS
(Layer 2)
    Interface ports   Interface ports Interface ports
POP  LOCATION ADDRESS STM-1/4/16 1 GigE 1) 10G Ethernet 2) 10G LAN_PHY
10G        STM-64
1GigE 3) 10GE 1GigE 10GE
MULI Suðurlandsbraut 28, Reykjavík
BREID Norðurfell 15, Reykjavík
VERNE Valhallarbraut,  Reykjanesbær (Keflavík airport)  

 THOR  Advania Datacenter, Hafnarfjörður I        

LON THW Telehouse West Coriander Av. London              
LON THE Telehouse East Coriander Av. London        
AMS Equinix, Kuiperbergweg 13, Amsterdam          
FAR Faroese Telekom, Klingran Torshavn        
 FRA  Interxion FR3        √  √  √      
 HAM  Hamburg Wendenstrasse 408    

1) A TDM service. Also Available a fractional 1G port in steps of 100 Mb/s
2) A  TDM service. Also available as fractional 10G ports in steps of 1G, up to 9,6 Gb/s payload
3) EWS, or Ethernet Wire Services  a point-to-point Ethernet service based on MPLS

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